Canadian Dental Association Statement on Fluoridation

“Canadian Dental Association (CDA) supports fluoridation of municipal drinking water (at minimum levels required for efficacy as recommended by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water) as a safe, effective and economical means of preventing dental caries in all age groups. Fluoride levels in the water supplies should be monitored and adjusted to ensure consistency in concentrations and avoid fluctuations. Communities considering water fluoridation are encouraged to review their individual circumstances carefully and in detail, giving attention to any available data on the dental health of community members, the size of the group not likely exposed to adequate fluoride from other sources, the minimum level of fluoride required to be beneficial, and any other information which would be helpful in making the required value judgment. CDA recognizes and supports the need for continued research to determine optimal water fluoridation levels that can continue to provide protection from dental caries while reducing potential to contribute to fluorosis.”

Document Containing Full CDA Statement on Fluoridation

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Seong Eon Ha, University of Calgary, Health Advocate; Correspondence to: