Fluoridation in Calgary for Health!

For more information about the upcoming fluoride plebiscite in Calgary on October 18 2021, please visit the Fluoride Yes! Campaign website:


Calgary City Council votes to give us the vote on fluoridation!

After three years of unrelenting advocacy, Calgarians for Kids Health celebrates the victory achieved February 1, 2021.   

On October 18, 2021 Calgarians will have the opportunity to vote to affirm their votes in two previous plebiscites in favour of water fluoridation. 

We thank all our donors and volunteers for their wonderful support.



COVID-19 Reminder

Calgarians for Kids' Health is concerned about the current COVID-19 pandemic, and would like to remind everyone to ensure to:

1. Maintain physical distancing (6ft/2m) apart from others
2. Wash your hands frequently, or use hand sanitizers when unable
3. Wear masks
4. Stay home when sick
5. Follow all other current public health guidelines
6. Book your COVID-19 vaccine shot when eligible

For more information, consult the Alberta Health Services information pages on COVID-19:
Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Information
Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Vaccination Information

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